Thursday, 28 July 2011

Who is it?

It's about time I went out in the garden and showed the girls what the roasting tin looks like. Not the bantams of course, they should be laying in 4-6 weeks time. But either Lesley and Geraldine are getting by on a joy ride...

One of them is not laying, but the thing is we can't tell which one. The egg is always nestled in the nesting box at 7am when we go to fill up their feed and water and collect the eggs.. I mean EGG! This has been going on for a few MONTHS now! They are only just over 18 months old, they should still have some kick in them. I know that they say that the chooks peak before 18 months, but I've had many hens before who have been laying in their 3rd and 4th year of freedom.

On the other hand, whoever is laying is very reliable. Every morning she graces us with a perfectly shaped egg which is equally perfect when it comes to taste.

Having the bantams might increase egg production by some degree, but bantams are quite seasonal layers and lay nowhere near the quantities of a hybrid bred purely for laying eggs.

We have a few options. Wait and hope that the other girl picks up her laying habit again, or maybe buy some more hens?

So one of these beauties is getting a rather easy ride. They were definately making the most of the sunshine this afternoon...

I like the later idea, but will need to discuss it with Amy first...

Have a great day!



  1. Oh no! surely not the roasting tin!! I hope someone will be able to advise what should be done, they're very lovely ladies. Nice little video of them having fun.

  2. Martin, put the roasting tin away! Those girls are just too cute.

  3. Cute video. More hens I say.

  4. No, don't worry. The roasting tin is a joke. We might be getting more hens though. So watch this space. Well. Check back Monday anyway!



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