Sunday, 31 July 2011


You never know which way it is going to go when introducing chickens. When I had the girls at home. I had 6 at one point. When I introduced Geraldine to Lesley and Carly, Geraldine displaced the other two as top chook and made best friends with the previous ruler of the roost Carly almost instantaneously.

When I added a 6th chicken to the group, it was hell. Emile was attacked and attacked and had to be sectioned off from the others. She was eventually rehomed, missing lots of her feathers, which was a real shame.

When I had the bantams and just the two large fowl before the bantams went to my aunty in Lincolnshire, they got on like a house on fire. All five of them. People say don't mix large fowl and bantams, but why not?

We took the decision to let all five of our current girls free range at the same time today, and it all went off without a hitch..

There was the odd bit of get off my grass from the big girls, but in general both flocks kept well clear of each other and when they came together for some corn there wasn't any trouble at all.

Always be cautious when mixing new hens together, it can go either way, but this was a massive success!

Have a great day!

Big news tomorrow evening!!



  1. We had a disaster when mixing our two new point of lay chickens with the two old ones that were just slowing down. A pecking frenzy ensued and one of the new ones (Patty pictured) was pecked almost to death.

  2. How nice to see chickens doing what chickens should do!

  3. I agree with Alison.
    Nice to see them "in action"!

  4. Your Pekin banties are beauties!



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